A different stay between
faith and beauty…
an oasis of peace
and serenity!

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A different stay between faith and beauty… an oasis of peace and serenity! 

Abbey of Saint Peter

In the exhilariting and restful Umbria, stands the triumphant ABBEY of SAN PIETRO situated within the walls of Assisi. The facade is presented in its Majestic simplicity, framed by the chapel of the Rosary on the left and by the imposing monastery building on the right. Today it is usedas a Religious House of Hospitality and Welcome for anyone who wants to experience a Relaxing stay in the center of Assisi, a few steps From the Basilica of Saint Frances. 

House of hospitality in Assisi
We particulary welcome:
• Religious groups
• School associations
• And even families

From a panoramic terrace you can admire the Millenary town of Assisi ,rich in history, religion and traditions.

From the 17th century with its Tuscan colonna deis the fulcrum of the monastic complex

The cript
It extends below the monastery for all its width. 

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